Trapped In The Fumes

by DeadTooth

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released February 10, 2013



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DeadTooth Dallas, Texas

The 4 piece, blistering, chaotic mixture of hardcore punk, noise, and metal from DFW. Contact/Booking:

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Track Name: Trapped In The Fumes
Sprinting through another year;
Burning resources.
Blinding visions of war and famine are flooding the masses.
The blackened smoke is rising around us;
Dilluting our senses.
We must wander through the thickened fumes in hopes of regaining direction.
The stench of the corpses is rising full with the ashes of human remains.
Full speed ahead into our destruction.
Our course is imminent.
I refuse to burn. I refuse to linger another moment in this haze.
Our defecit is heavy, and our backs are weak.
Our future is nothing, but bleak.
Can we find our way through this world ablaze?
Trapped in the fumes.
Track Name: Faceless Authority
Retrace the outlines of your life in pen, now that you have succeeded.
Refill your pockets with riches and bullets, now persevere.
Your actions are spineless.
Your "legacy's" mindless.
Your words are all fraud.
Slither your way under all of your lessers and crown yourself God.
Consider the color of the collar that's around your neck.
Remain the authority.
Dethrone the ignorant.
You believe that your self righteousness will purge all of the rest of your penny pinching peers, and the sins unconfessed.
Put the loaded number nine to the side of your head, and stop your force-fed morals and the lies left unsaid.
Track Name: Negligence
Where are the fruits of your labor?
Where are the lines of wear on your hands?
Where is your since of duty?
When is the time that you make your stand?
Negligence is tearing you limb from limb, until the end.
I ask you, where are the fruits of your labor?
Where are the years that you lost in stride?
Where is your sense of entitlement?
Maybe it's time we put this aside.
Track Name: Narcoterrorist
Crunching numbers; inked my name on this contract.
Ravishing. Ravaging.
Supply and demand.
My word is command.
Slice the throats of the dogs below me.
Pull the blindfold tighter on the fools above me.
Man of the people? Child of ill repute.
Sacrosanct to the wolves around me.
Promises of diamonds, and a light of hope.
All I'll deliver is chains.
Fall under my command.
Track Name: Birds Of Prey
Clean up your wounds. Your course is drifting offward.
Costly desperation. Your flesh is guaranteed.
Satisty the feeling. Your savior is here.
Falsify the reaping. No God can live here.
Circle the skies. Bleeding me dry.
Kingdom come; thy will be done. Into the trap, one by one.
Cunning and speed. Hunting with ease.
Trying to flee. Curing this cross-bearing disease.
Another nail in your fucking casket.
Another day of your carcass rotting.
Go purify yourself in your own bullshit.